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Our Projects 


Trees in the City Park 

Placed in the center of town, Delhi City Park is the heart of our small community.  As mother nature has taken its toll on our tres, Delhi is continuing  to make it a welcoming place. We picked 5 different species from the recommended list, including White Pines, Silver Lindens, Red Oaks, Flowering Crab, and Ginkgo.

DOT MV School Road Signs

The Delhi Betterment Committee worked with the Iowa Department of Transportation to place signage along Highway 38 directing out-of-town visitors to the Maquoketa Valley Community School District.  This signage has proven to be extremely useful for visitors and new families as they get acquainted with the community. 


City Beautification

Adding to the attraction of the Delhi City Park, landscape improvements were made to the park's entrance including decorative flower pots. Several trees were also donated and planted throughout the park to replace aging trees, provide shade and add to the beautification of the park.  This project was completed in cooperation with the Trees Forever Prog.

Silver Lake 

The Delhi Betterment Committee is working closely with many local partners to help restore Silver Lake on the Southeast side of Delhi.  Community leaders and residents have worked together to emphasize the importance of restoring Silver Lake to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  This 39 acre body of water provides many recreational opportunities including fishing, boating, kayaking, and has been utilized as a source of entertainment for our groups in the Redneck Relays races. The Colton Nefzger trail through the park has proved to be the perfect location for our Trail of Terror which runs along Lake Delhi. 


Christmas Lights

The Delhi Betterment Committee used the proceeds from Delhi Daze food stand to replace bulbs in the Christmas garland and wreaths strung across Hwy 38.  These LED bulbs make them more energy efficient and shine brighter.  Wulfekuhle Electric graciously donated towards this project as well. 

Giving Back Efforts 

Volunteers Packing Food
received_490880772748244 (1).jpeg

The Delhi Betterment Committee gives back to the local residents: through donations to the Easter Bunny, buying Christmas presents for those less fortunate, to the Delaware County Food Pantry, donated to the American Legion painting for the outside of the Delhi Legion Community Event Center and to the Delaware County Pickleball Court at Silver Lake Park.

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